Perth Tango Club

PTC Committee and Coordinators

The  PTC Committee

 Executive Committee
  • Adriaan Bal (President)
  •  Vice-President - Kim Potter
  • Clare Buising (Treasurer)
  • Suzi Jenner (Secretary)

Committee Members

  • Liam Anderson
  • Rosa Paparini
  • Francis Scotney
  • Chris Hanratty
  • (Vacant)

Club Coordinators

Memberships coordinator - Suzi Jenner reporting to the committee. The Membership Coordinator ensures the PTC meets its legal obligations and abides by its Constitution, in addition to promoting new membership growth alongside existing member retention. Suzi will work with Francesco Pisconeri who will help to maintain the membership database.

Purchasing coordinator - Ann Lee-Steere, reporting to Clare Buising.  Ann will coordinate the purchasing of all Club consumables.

Marketing coordinator - Rosa Paparini, reporting to the committee. Rosa will advise and help conduct market research, producing promotional materials and analysing sales data to achieve our immediate and long-term goals. Rosa will advise and direct a team comprising Adriaan Bal, Kye Mitchell, and Sea Poked. 

Operations  coordinator - Francesco Pisconeri will coordinate all front-of-house activities, and report to the committee. The coordinator will deliver high-quality, effective, and sustainable PTC events with the primary goal to ensure members maximise their enjoyment at the club. Frank will run a team of  volunteers for hall opening , Host welcoming  and e-Desk event registration..

Practica and Skill Share Coordinator - Kim Potter will coordinate all the Club practicas reporting to the committee. The coordinator runs and maintains the PTC practica sessions with the primary goal to give space for members, visitors/guests to practice their tango.

Maintenance Coordinator - Kim Potter and Adriaan Bal will coordinate all PTC hall maintenance requirements and comply with the maintenance obligations outlined in the tenancy agreement, reporting to the committee. The maintenance spend is highly variable due to unexpected “breakdowns” or unplanned required fixes.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) coordinator - ............. will be our HSE coordinator. He will create and enforce a culture of safety within the Club by implementing programs, policies, and assessments to ensure the PTC is in compliance with all federal and internal health and safety rules. The coordinator reports to the committee.

Information Technology (IT) advisor - Liam Anderson is responsible for managing and supporting Perth Tango Club's IT systems, including its 3rd party service providers, to allow the club to run effectively and without difficulty. Adriaan Bal and Sea Poked will be part of the IT Technology team.

Teaching Coordinator - Mike Hampson and Marzena Cichon are responsible for running the Club's in-house Basic Tango lessons in line with the Club’s teaching policy.

Complaints Handler - Adriaan Bal  to manage complaints or concerns, this may include resolution, investigation and mediation.

Feedback .....

The Perth Tango Club Committee welcomes thoughtful feedback from all members. Should anything be of concern to you please address it in writing by email to  All written concerns will be addressed by the committee at the first opportunity and you will be informed of the committee's action.

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