Perth Tango Club

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Address:  Lesser Hall, 82 Cambridge Street, West Leederville, W.A.

About us

The Perth Tango Club is a not-for-profit incorporated body, which exists for the benefit of its members

Our objectives are to encourage, promote and develop the art and culture of Argentinian tango dancing within the community of Western Australia; and to provide a facility for the purposes of recreation, amusement, resources and dance practice for the tango community.

Our goals are to set the standard for the art and culture of tango and inspire dancers and the community at large; providing opportunities for members to maintain and enhance their enjoyment and understanding of tango while remaining apolitical and cost-accessible.

Our values stem from having a very strong commitment to supporting and serving our members in order for them to gain the most benefit from their membership.  We are the only tango establishment in Perth which is membership based, contrasting with other organisations which teach/promote tango, and where membership of a club is not on offer.  We pride ourselves on being welcoming and inclusive to people of different ages, abilities, education, sexual orientation, background and dance experience.  We regard ourselves as being  ‘good corporate citizens’, giving back to the wider community in the form of donations from fund raising events, and tango demonstration to community groups.

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